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The Art Treasure Chest is an every-other-month subscription

Treasure Chest Subscription Months are - February, April, June, August, October, and December.

You have two options when signing up! 

The Art Treasure Chest is a subscription box delivered to your door that contains everything you need for that month's art piece.   

The Paint With Me is a subscription where you provide your own supplies but I provide you the tracer, and list of supplies needed.

Both Memberships Options give you:

  • Access to a Step by Step Video Instruction Tutorial
  • Tracer
  • Supply List
  • Membership to very special private Facebook Group Community of Subscribers

When will my Treasure Chest Subscription Box be shipped and when will I have access to everything?

The Art Treasure Chest will be shipped by the 6th day of every subscription month.  You will receive tracking information upon shipment.

Paint with me members will be given access to the tracer, supply list for that month's art piece on the 5th of the subscription months.

What month's box will I get when I sign up for the Art Treasure Chest Subscription Box and when will I be billed?

Your first charge will be at the time you place your order, which month's box you receive depends on the date of your order.

Example 1: You sign up prior to the 2nd of a subscription month (June), you will receive that month's Subscription Box (June).     You sign up on May 15th you will be charged at that time of sign up (May 15th) and will receive the Art Treasure Chest in June. Your next billing charge will be on August 1st.

Example 2: You sign up after the 2nd of a subscription month (June), you will receive the next month's Subscription Box (August).  You sign up on June 3rd you will be charged at that time of sign up (June 3rd).  Unfortunately you missed the cut off date for the June subscription box.  You will receive your first Treasure Chest box in August. Your next billing charge will be on October 1st.


How does future billing work past my first payment?

You do not need to worry about future billing/charges your credit card will then automatically be charged on the 1st of every Subscription month.  Your future billing date will be changed to the 1st of month for the subscription months for the Art Treasure Chest (February, April, June, August, October and December).  


Will My Price Change?

Your subscription price Will NOT Change from the time you signed up, so long as you remain in the group.

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