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Swordfish Tracer, Supply List, and Video Tutorial

    Swordfish Tracer, Supply List, and Video Tutorial


      For those who only request the tracer, supply list and video tutorial to paint this colorful swordfish...

      1. Tracer: Presumably, this is a template or outline that helps individuals trace the basic shape of the swordfish onto their canvas or chosen medium.
      2. Supply List: This would detail all the materials needed to complete the Swordfish art piece, such as paints, brushes, canvas, etc.
      3. Video Tutorial: This is likely a step-by-step instructional video guiding users through the process of creating the Swordfish art piece, from start to finish.

      This package is tailored for individuals who already have some artistic supplies but request specific guidance and resources to create the Swordfish artwork. It provides both the tools (Tracer and Supply List) and the instructional support (Video Tutorial) necessary for the project.