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Red Crab Supply Kit
Red Crab Supply Kit

    Red Crab Supply Kit


      Grab your kit so you have everything you need to create the Red Crab.

      The supplies that are in the box:

      • 8x10x1.5" Gallery Wrapped Canvas
      • 3 paint brushes
      • Paints
      • Glass& shards
      • Resin 4 oz.
      • Liner pen
      • Tracer
      • Graphite paper
      • Gloves
      • Measuring cup
      • Stir Stick
      • Plate & Napkin

      Items not included are:

      1. Kitchen torch for removing bubbles in your resin
      2. Risers to raise your canvas
      3. Protective table covering
      4. Aleene's Clear Glue

      * All members of the Art Treasure Captains, and Art Treasure Painting Crew only need to purchase the supply kit if desired.  The Art Treasure Chest will receive this red crab as their September subscription box.  Members will find the video tutorial inside the Guides of their membership on September 1.

      **If you are not a member of one of the art groups, you will need to purchase the "Red Crab Tutorial" also.

      Supply boxes will be shipped out on August 25th.