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Holy Cross with Wings

    Holy Cross with Wings


      This 12x16 piece is so stunning in person.  Hand cut glass for the cross.  Wings created with a pallet knife. Two different colors of small glass, and other elements to create a glistening effect. 

      I call this the Holy Cross.  The glass for the cross came out of an old church which is over 100 years old.  The first time I went to cut the glass for the cross I started crying.  I could feel God's presence.  It is an experience that I can not explain.  I KNEW He was there!  I had so many messages going through my mind about the stain glass I was cutting.  These stain glass windows have heard so many prayers.  Happy ones, sad ones, unspoken prayers. Weddings, funerals...the list goes on.  All I can say, this was an experience I've never had in my life.  A treasured experience I will never forget.

      I call the pieces I create with THIS stained glass the "Holy Cross."

      I'm confident that anyone who has one of my Holy Crosses in their home is blessed!